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Employee Driven.
Driver Focused.

We aim to change the perception of those in the trucking and logistics career field by providing employee driven and driver focused operations on a daily basis.

Truck Driving On Highway

Warrior Transportation & Logistics Solutions is an employee driven and driver focused transportation and logistics solutions and logistics company for when you need the strength of a Warrior. Warrior Transportation & Logistics Solutions is dedicated to hiring and training our transitioning veterans as well as disabled veterans looking for a new family to join. 

Any truck, any time, any place- We've got your back for all transportation needs.

No matter the size or time, we make sure your transportation needs happen. 

Whether your load is big or small, our logistics team is here to make sure your shipment is taken care of.

As a key piece of the supply chain between producer and consumer, we guarantee that logistics run smoothly to provide highest quality services. 

Our team is here to communicate between corporate and the consumer, your supply chain will be running smoother than ever by providing quality assistance and skills. 

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